Flow CRM Hub Signature Programs

Flow Programs to Supercharge Your Business

All of our programs are customised to suit the business. They vary in length and content based on the business goals, tools and platforms used. Please contact us for more information.

System Process Optimization Program by Flow CRM Hub

Systems & Process Flow Program

Are you carrying everything about your business in your head?

It’s time to unpack your knowledge, ideas and aspirations and implement them in the business. This signature program is designed to unpack your processes and create an easy to follow strategy and workflow for your team.

Recommended for:
> businesses in the growth phase
> traditional businesses wanting to expand and innovate
> business going from 1 to more people

Sales Pipelines Flow Program

How is your Sales Pipeline health?
Many don’t even think about how the sales process is taking the customer on the right journey.

Flow CRM Hub’s Signature Program Sales Pipelines takes a look at the current sales process and redefine it with the power of automation, marketing and systems. Let’s take your Sales Pipeline Process to the next level!

Sales Pipeline Process Optimization Program by Flow CRM Hub
Marketing Automation Process Optimization Program by Flow CRM Hub

Marketing Automation Flow

Without a doubt, Marketing is one of the business pillars. But just a social media campaign won’t be enough to bring your business online visibility neither it will create a sales pipeline workflow or will wow your customers.

Flow CRM Hub Signature’s Marketing Automation Program brings the best of the marketing tools and techniques to life. Landing pages, CRM integrations and campaigns. All integrated to maximise your business potential.

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