ONE thing I love about using a CRM

There are many things I love about using a high-quality CRM and one of them is saving time on admin. I love the fact that CRM automation can help me reduce the amount of time spent on tedious admin tasks to keep my client’s records up-to-date.

I’m talking specifically about automatically logging emails that are received and sent in my client’s file. I absolutely LOVE this feature! 

Here is the reason why. I’ve had many jobs in the past that required me to record client interactions into a CRM. These CRM’s were custom made and had almost no automation in place. They were just a record-keeping facility to hold a client’s contact details and add some notes about conversations that took place. They were pretty much useless when it came to saving time on admin. They weren’t connected to the email program we used and therefore could not automatically log email interactions with the client. I had to manually copy and paste every single email I had received and sent into the notes of the client’s file. So there’s plenty of room for human error here. Of course, many of my work colleagues couldn’t be bothered doing this. They just didn’t care. Or they would do it sporadically. Or they would complain about how tedious it was considering that they had long email chains with their clients. As a result it was difficult to contribute to collaboration.

I was forever wondering, there has to be a better way of doing this?

The issue I had with these other jobs is that they wanted to use their own custom made CRM which honestly was pretty crap and just useless.

So yes there is a better way. There are many CRM platforms that include automatic logging of emails. It’s probably the one thing I love the most.

If you currently don’t use a CRM then unfortunately you’re not logging any of your client interactions effectively. You’re probably endlessly searching for that email you received and wondering if you accidentally moved it to the wrong folder or deleted it. Or you’re just writing in your CRM notes “sent email” without any context.

The problem you face is lots of wasted time on admin. The solution for you is to just automate your email logging. Get yourself a CRM that does it all for you. The CRM will also tell you if your email was opened! Or if the links in the email you sent were clicked on! Love it!

This is just ONE of the features I love about using a high-quality CRM. I’ll be posting more articles about many of the other features I love in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

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