CRM Technical Support Packages

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CRM Support On-Demand

Flow CRM Hub’s CRM Care Plans are a combination of consultation, technical support and help desk delivered by our experts across CRM platforms.

All sessions are prepared to support you and your team in improving the business workflow process, building business strategies and connect your digital marketing and automation into your CRM.

We offer packages to support your business with our deep product knowledge, and technical assistance, to help you maximize your CRM platform.

From strategic implementation to training and support, we want to make sure you are getting the best value from Flow CRM Hub team.

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The Pre-paid Support Hours plans can be used for different CRM and software systems. There are no lock-in contracts. You can use the purchased hours up to 6 months from the date of purchase. Once the support hours expire they don’t roll over. You can choose to top up or stop the service.
Strictly no refund policy applies. Flow CRM Hub may or may not engage technical people overseas.

All the works performed are recorded on our Project Management platform and can be accessed at any time upon request.


– New CRM Implementations and customisations.
– API developments, 3rd party’s integrations, complex integrations, complex automations, complex solutions – are not included in this service and must be quoted separately due to its complexity. Please check with your consultant.

– Flow CRM Hub is not responsible for performance, failures, errors or limitations of 3rd party applications (including any integration software, applications and connections like Zapier, or CRM systems)


On exhaustion of the pre-paid hours, Flow CRM Hub will advise the client to top up the support hours or pay by the adhoc hourly rate of $230+gst
Alternatively, a new scope of works will be quoted for approval (if required).


We charge and record time in blocks of 15 minutes.

If we receive an urgent request and need to stop what we are doing to log to your system to perform any checks, there would be a min time log of 30min.

You can access or request all the time-log reports at any time.


When we have 2 hours left in your pre-paid service, the system will send you an email asking if you would like to renew it or stop it.

If you don’t use up all your hours within the 6 month mark, your plan will be automatically cancelled and no hours will remain.