Zoho One CRM Review. The Operating System Solution your business need

Zoho One CRM Review. The Operating System Solution your business need

You have been tasked with finding the best CRM and business operating system to be implemented in the business.

What d you do? Start to look for CRM consultants, trying to get a hint of what CRM system they recommend. You may feel stressed and like everyone in the office is watching you.

Relax – We are here to help!

Take a look at this Zoho One CRM Review. The all-in-one business operating software that can help streamline your business and drive growth.

A good CRM software alone can improve sales by up to 29%. In this review, we will discuss the features of Zoho One and why we believe your business should implement it.

What Is Zoho One CRM?

Zoho One is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box CRM system. If you are familiar with HubSpot and Salesforce, then Zoho One CRM will blow your mind.

The truth is that Zoho One does a lot more than just your sales functions.
I like to say that Zoho Ecosystem brings endless possibilities, from your sales and marketing to your finance and HR. It’s a unified business solution suite or business operating system.

If you are impatient, like me, and just want to jump into a Zoho One Free Trial (here is the link), go for it! No credit card is needed.

Here are some of our favourite Zoho One features:

Team or function Zoho One applications
Sales CRM, including a CRM option specifically for small businesses
Email for sales teams
Appointment scheduling
Marketing Marketing automation
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Website Live chat
Event management
Collaboration Agile project management
Internal social network
Web conferencing and webinars
File management
Learning and training platform
Shared inbox
Finance Accounting
Invoice management
Expense management
Business Process Custom applications
Business Intelligence
Integration builder
And much, much more!

Is the ZohoOne All-in-One Solution Better than other software?

Given that you have the right advice for the implementation, generally speaking, there are 3 key advantages of committing to Zoho One all-in-one software solution over single or multiple apps.

  1. Your data in one source of truth

Seriously, how do you expect business growth, and fewer errors in daily activities if your team has to access 5 different platforms just to perform a simple sale?
We have seen customers using Excel to enter the customer, process the order in Xero, add the email into Mailchimp, and book a calendar in calendly…do you know what I am saying??

  1. Improve efficiency and decrease errors

When you’re using manual handling of the data, I meant any piece of information that is related to your business activity, even if you are using a few interconnected apps, it’s like you’re setting traps for you and your team.

Wait, is that too harsh? Okay, you’re creating opportunities for your team… to mess up – big time.

A forgotten task here… An incomplete copy-paste there…  Next thing you know your projections don’t match up with your earnings and no one knows why.

With an all-in-one system, there’s less chance of information falling between the cracks. This is important because reducing human error can save you heaps of money in the long run.

  1. A platform easy to access

When implementing a cloud-based system, you don’t have the burden of hosting the software on your own servers.

You can run the business from anywhere, you could be in Bali, sick at home, on business trips, in out-of-office meetings, or, I don’t know, a global pandemic.

Flow CRM Hub’s Zoho One CRM Review and Perspective

Our Verdict

Here’s the short version of our Zoho One CRM review.

We absolutely love it!

Back in the day when we were looking for a CRM, after trying about 20 CRM systems, we stumbled across Zoho One and became a customer.
We loved it so much that
we then became a Zoho Partner.

What do we love about Zoho One? We love that it’s

  • Zoho One is Customisable
  • Zoho One is Cloud-based
  • Zoho One can fit any business with the correct tech guidance, customisations and automation.

But there are some things you should know upfront.

Remember how we just said we’re a Zoho Partner? That means we use Zoho software to develop solutions for businesses – and it’s pretty much essential if you want to get the most from Zoho.

It’s pretty much like having a phone. Everyone these days has a smartphone but the apps I have installed and how I use them are completely different from how you use yours.

It’s more like hiring an architect – there’s a bigger upfront cost, but what you’ll get is a perfect fit you’ll spend the rest of your life being grateful you invested in.

You can find out more about all of this by reading on, but for now, here’s a quick breakdown:

Pros of Zoho One Cons of Zoho One
– All-in-one software

– Cloud-based, not requiring complex on-site installation
– Huge range of features and app integrations available
– Highly customisable
– Sophisticated automations offered
– Strong reporting and analytics features

– High upfront cost compared to other out-of-the-box solutions
– Without guidance from Zoho CRM experts, the solution you end up with will not be tailored for you
– Poor built-in customer support from Zoho – you’re really relying on your Zoho Partner to provide this- To avoid the frustration of having a platform that does not work, is to have Zoho Partner as your “best friend”

Our final scores for this Zoho One CRM Review:

  • Apps and features: 9/10
  • Customer service: 4/10
  • User-friendliness: 8/10
  • Speed of setup: 5/10
  • Value for money: 9/10

Why my Zoho One account does not have so many amazing features?

Well… simple, my friend: Because you probably didn’t customise enough or didn’t customise correctly – or both.

This is why we know it’s so important to not only choose a development company, but a business process transformation partner.

With Flow CRM Hub, for example, you’re not just getting software, you’re getting an expert Zoho CRM consultant who will guide you through:

  • A business process development workshop
  • A deep dive into your processes that takes in views from across the business
  • A software development proposal that balances your priorities with your budget
  • Agile business process development that delivers a product that actually works

Here are some important points to consider:

If it’s not done right, you could create more work for yourself

Zoho, as an out-of-the-box software, is built to be used by as wide a range of businesses and industries as possible.

This means that, especially if you work in a highly-specialised area, you need to customise it heavily to get the most out of it.

Now, if you choose the wrong software developer, this could be a problem.

Some users have reported poor integration between Zoho One apps, while others have commented that individual apps in the Zoho suite don’t stand up to competitors that are dedicated to that function. For example, when you have Zoho Meetings against Zoom, Zoom might come out on top.


The secret is: to have the right software development expert to integrate everything smoothly and create the platform you need. 

In the right development hands, Zoho One is like that dream and perfect house.. with all the separate rooms working together to create something beautiful.



In the wrong hands, the software can be more like trying to build something – where effort’s being made, but nobody is having fun listening to it.


The problems you experience, when this happens, come in many forms:

  • Frustration and software bugs
  • A dashboard cluttered with features you don’t need or use
  • Your old processes (which are based on some system a long-departed manager made up back when people still sent each other faxes) simply being replicated instead of replaced

That last one is the real killer.

Did you know, only 4% of companies actually track and manage their processes…

The bottom line is that you want to spend your time building your company, not trying to figure out your software. Let us look after your software and CRM solutions and help with training, and it’ll make the first part a whole lot easier.


Limited customer support available from Zoho

Capterra reviews testify to the lack of availability of customer support from Zoho, but we don’t think this is necessarily a cause for panic.

Really, it’s just a reminder of why it’s so important to choose a good partner.

They need to understand your business well enough to deliver a product that fixes problems rather than creating them as we’ve outlined above, as the cost of fixing bugs rises exponentially post-launch.

This is why at Flow CRM Hub we use the Agile development method: to make sure the product you get at the end is as close to perfect as possible because you’ve already identified and fixed problems during the testing phases.

This is also a reminder of why it’s not always the right call to go for a freelancer to set up your business operating system.

In the absence of hands-on support from Zoho, you need a software partner who can be there to support you long after your software goes live.

More importantly, they need to have the infrastructure to guarantee this kind of attention. Freelance workloads often fluctuate, and all you need for a perfect storm is for an emergency to fall on a day when they are slammed with work..

At Flow CRM Hub, we offer great customer support packages, including prepaid plans to ease your mind ahead of launch day, and we’ll always have someone on hand to support you.

Conclusion of this Zoho One CRM Review

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? All that panicking was for nothing.

But hey, we don’t blame you for being nervous.

Not only have we worked with companies in your position, but we’ve been there ourselves. We chose to use Zoho because it let us flex our creative problem-solving skills and create a system that caters to exactly what we needed. 

Now, we can do the same for you, maximising the time and efforts of your marketing and sales teams with a smart investment in your business’s future.

Book a business development workshop with us today to kick off your business transformation with Zoho One.

This is only the beginning.