CRM Automation & Integrations

CRM System Training for your - and your team!

Want your team to fully use the CRM and Systems you spent so much time, money and energy putting together?

At Flow CRM Hub we provide bespoke training for several CRM platforms.

At the moment, all training sessions are provided online.

Face to face workshops is available upon request.

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Workshops and Masterclass We Offer

CRM System Group Training - The Basics

Learn the basics of your CRM and equip your team for a more productive journey. This is generic training and can be arranged for teams from the same company or open to the public.

Bespoke CRM Training

Special CRM training tailored with a mix of consulting and teachings. This session is based on your business and team needs. To address specifics within the CRM platform, your difficulties and includes our recommendations and expertise on how to find the right solutions.

One to One CRM Training

A hands-on masterclass to teach you how to be in control of your system. This session is a dive-in into the advanced and intricacies of your system. Tailored for admin and super admin accounts.

Training Program - Continuous Learning

A series of training sessions over 16 weeks to keep you and your team on top of the latest CRM improvements. Each month we will review a specific feature of the CRM you use.

Live CRM Training Public Workshops