CRM Tech Support and Training

Flow CRM Hub offers a range of support packages to suit any business needs. Our CRM support packages can be used for:

-Individual or Team training sessions

-Email or phone technical support

-Bug fixing and Adjustments

-Platform improvement

-Simple Automation

-Simple Integrations

Support Packages FAQ

We charge in increments of 30min.

If you called us and the duration of the call was 15min, we will account for 30min. All calls are accounted for.

We will count 30min again for several calls or emails answered.

What is the call is only 5 or 10 min?

We will consider a few calls and the sum will be deducted from your hours.

We will create a ticket from your email communication and using our ticketing system tools, the clock will start counting from the time we open the email until the time we send you a reply. If any work needs to be done, or if we need to access your system, all will be accounted for.

We charge like this because it takes a lot of brain power, expertise, and hours of studying the platform to be able to figure things out quickly and effectively to provide the best possible solution and help you expect from us.

It’s not only 30min. It’s years of studying and constant learning to keep up with the technology.

We are also considering that if you have an urgent request, our team will have to stop what they are doing and attend to your ticket, then access your system, etc.

All support packages expire in 6 months.

You can contact us at any time during the 6 months period.

After the expiration date, your package will be invalid and no refund will be possible. So use it!

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