Why my business needs a QR code?

The short answer is YES! Provided you want to;

  • Reach more people
  • Share plenty of information
  • Save time
  • Increase efficiency
  • Simple access for new customers

QR codes create opportunity for your business to connect with large audiences, providing the most practical information possible with one simple image. Since the codes have been launched, they have gained worldwide popularity, with promise to market and promote any company or brand. Try here.

Like a virtual business card, it is a fast way to share contact details, connect on social media and publicize any current offers relevant to the individual. The term QR indicates quick response, assuring prospective clients and customers are not required to wait long to get additional details about your services and products.

Easily added to offline media, codes can be printed in magazines, newspapers, local coupon publications, menus, business cards, direct mail, fliers, product packaging, signage and more. The content is created and selected by you, as well as updated regularly in alignment with business needs and current climate. They can store and digitally present much more data, including links to stories relevant to products, how to videos, tweets, website launching, audio commentaries, trailer watching, geo coordinates, webinar schedules and text.

With the range of available content, these codes increase excitement and project mystery among users who become curious about all the information received from a simple scan. QR codes can also be used to gather feedback and conduct surveys about your service or product.

A customer simply scans the code with their smartphone to access all the information you have stored!

Flow CRM Hub’s package provides a dynamic QR code – a QR code with a short redirection URL encoded in it for full flexibility. Order one today to reach more people with less effort, while saving time and increasing efficiency throughout your entire organisation.