Maximise your CRM Platform with a Trained Team

Are you and your employees using everything the business is paying for?

You may have just implemented the perfect CRM, we think it can be better.

Switching to a new CRM platform is always a great step towards growth and customer satisfaction, but many businesses can overlook the value of a corresponding CRM training program. It’s 2020, and platforms offer much more than managing, organising, tracking and storing customer interactions.

You’re paying for the features, so you may as well use them! A Zoho CRM alone comes with over 30 features such as;

  • Social Media Tools
  • Surveys & Feedbacks
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Business Email
  • Team Communication
  • Projects Management
  • Private Team Social Network
  • Slide Decks Presentation
  • Browser-Based Conferencing
  • Digital Signature

Even an updated or upgraded version comes with new features you may not be aware of. Educating yourself and your teams will increase efficiency in processes, leading to time saved and value for money from your CRM.

Taking the first step towards training will allow you to become familiar with the capability of your chosen platform. With expert advice and opportunities for Q&A, the right provider can recommend processes specific to your organisational needs.

As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide training for your entire team, for the benefit of your staff and ultimately, the company and customers. With all the compiled data and ways to interact, no one can be expected to understand a new platform right away. Even if your teams have used a CRM before, they may need some help adjusting to new workflows and automations within the platform.

When your employees truly understand the CRM they are using, output will improve along with business operations and job satisfaction. Daily processes are simplified, and time is better spent on new business implementations and improved customer service.

CRM training quickly becomes a win-win for everyone!

Speak with our team at Flow CRM Hub today, about training options for your entire team, so together so we can locate and identify the value your CRM can create.